Desktop Sounds


  • Evelyn Kreutzer Università della Svizzera italiana USI, Lugano



Evelyn Kreutzer’s video essay DESKTOP SOUNDS explores the uses of non-musical sounds in a range of desktop films from the past decad by playfully demonstrating, investigating, and imitating the sonic conventions of this still very young film format. The central focus here is upon sound and how it establishes and/or deconstructs notions of intimacy, authenticity, and domesticity on the one hand, and anxiety, publicness, and exposure on the other.

The accompanying creator statement provides a short introduction of the desktop film format. The text argues that given the performative and scripted nature of desktop documentaries on the one hand and the improvisational quality of fictional desktop films on the other, the desktop format fundamentally blurs and plays with the boundaries between documentary and fiction, bringing forth especially an experience of uncanniness.




How to Cite

Kreutzer, E. (2024). Desktop Sounds. Mediaesthetics – Journal of Poetics of Audiovisual Images, (5).



Special Issue / Themenschwerpunkt