Genre, Modus, Modalität. Petzolds WÖLFE und die Pluralität der Perspektiven


  • Matthias Grotkopp



A genre never comes alone. The article analyzes the tv-crime film WÖLFE by Christian Petzold in order to show how genres and genre films are not solid blocks of stereotypes and narrative conventions but ramifications and crossings of different generic pattern. Such a perspective makes it necessary to conceive of genres as a plurality of expressive modalities, whose point of permanent transformation is their logics of affect. 

Author Biography

Matthias Grotkopp

Matthias Grotkopp is since June 2017 Assistant Professor for Digital Film Studies at “Cinepoetics – Center for Advanced Film Studies” and the Seminar for Film Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. He studied film- and theatre studies at Freie Universität Berlin and at the Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris. He wrote his dissertation on „Cinematic Poetics of a Sense of Guilt“ at the graduate school of the Cluster of Excellence „Languages of Emotion“ (De Gruyter 2017, English translation in preparation for 2020). His research interests include genre theory and the relation of politics and poetics, the audiovisuality of climate change, the films of the so-called Berlin School as well digital methods of film analysis.



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Grotkopp, M. (2019). Genre, Modus, Modalität. Petzolds WÖLFE und die Pluralität der Perspektiven. Mediaesthetics – Journal of Poetics of Audiovisual Images, (3).